eduSTEMlab: Nathan’s Steakhouse Menu Order in Python

January 1, 2024

Nathan’s project is a fun and interactive menu system for a virtual restaurant using Streamlit. In his “Steak House,” customers can select items from various categories such as Appetizers, Drinks, Main courses and Deserts by clicking on checkboxes.

The program dynamically updates the total cost as items are selected. Nathan has included a variety of tempting choices, from Fries to T-bone, each with its own price. The project is designed to simulate a restaurant ordering experience, giving users the joy of virtually choosing their favorite dishes and seeing the total cost before hitting the “Your bill” button.

It’s a playful and engaging way to explore both Streamlit and the world of restaurant menus! 🍽️💻🌟

Welldone Nathan! 👗🛍️✨

Categories: Python Programming

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