eduSTEMlab: Kyra’s List in Python

January 1, 2024

In Kyra’s video, he presented an exciting project focused on making Python more engaging. The project revolves around the concept of lists in Python, and Kyra showcased some fantastic ways to utilize lists within Streamlit.

He began by introducing the concept of a list, which is essentially a data structure in Python that allows you to store multiple items in a single variable Kyra demonstrated three engaging use cases of lists in Streamlit: Pick Your Favorite Color:

He created a select box, a user interface element that resembles a small box with various items. Users can select their favorite color from the options provided, a fun way to collect and analyze user choices. Navigate Like a Pro: Kyra introduced the idea of a menu, similar to what you find on websites with different sections or pages. This menu facilitates smooth navigation between different parts of the application. Make Your Choice: Kyra used radio buttons to allow users to make a single choice from several options.

This is a great way to gather preferences and decisions. Good job Kyra!!

Categories: Python Programming

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