eduSTEMlab: Classroom discussion (Ages 6-10): Internet safety for kids

July 30, 2021

In this video you will watch our students learn about internet safety and hear them ask some intelligent questions on what they can share online. Tofe asked why we manage their classroom passwords even when we encourage them not to share their passwords with anyone including we teachers. Should you tell your new online friends your favorite sport or your favorite dish? Yes that’s okay, but you shouldn’t tell strangers where you live.

What can you share about your real self online?

You can share:

-Your games

-Your homework

-Your favorite meals and other things you like to do

What you must NOT share:

-Where you live –

Your school

-Where your parents work

-Your secrets

-Your email and password and other PERSONAL information, this is because they are personal to you and your family

Stay safe online

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