Web Design Course

In web design and development course, students will learn to design a web post, create a blog, publish it and share their stories, information and articles online. Students can further build their own websites themselves. Each student will have their personal website during this course

Age: 7 Above

When can I start?

Students can start designing simple posts as early as age 7. Students will learn to use simple drag and drop code blocks to  create beautiful posts in class, developing their creativity and learning real applicable skills.

Design your website


Students are taught the real applications of computer coding. From mobile apps and web design, using platforms applicable in tech.


Classes are flexible. Students can schedule convenient time to take live classes. Class activities and project work are also uploaded for students to complete at a convenient time

project based activities

Class activities are fully hands on. Projects are given to students in different categories: Research work, Project work, Quiz and assessments.


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