Food Order Sidebar

Order Sidebar

Food Order

The food order sidebar serves as a convenient and accessible navigation tool within the app. It enables users to view their selected food items and their corresponding prices in real-time. Users can make informed decisions and track their order’s cost while easily navigating through the available food options

Data Input and Calculation

  • The code defines the available rice dishes and their corresponding prices.
  • Users can select the dishes they want by checking the checkboxes.
  • The code calculates the total price based on the selected items.

Data Presentation and Visualization

  • The app provides a visually appealing interface with images of the food items.
  • As users select the dishes, the app displays messages confirming their choices.
  • A sidebar on the left displays the user’s order summary.

User Interaction and Decision Making

  • Users interact with the app by checking the checkboxes to make their food selections.
  • The app calculates the total price based on the selected items, helping users make informed decisions about their order.

In summary, the code addresses the following subtopics:

Data Input and Calculation:

  • The code defines food items (rice dishes) and their respective prices.
  • Users interact with the app by checking checkboxes to select the dishes they want.
  • The code calculates the total cost based on the selected items, providing a straightforward way to input and calculate data.

Data Presentation and Visualization:

  • The app incorporates images of food items, enhancing the visual appeal and helping users make choices.
  • As users select dishes, the app generates real-time messages confirming their selections.
  • A sidebar provides a clear and concise summary of the user’s order, ensuring effective data presentation and visualization.

User Interaction and Decision Making:

  • Users engage with the app through checkboxes, a simple and intuitive way to interact with the food menu.
  • The app facilitates decision-making by instantly updating the order and total cost as users make selections.
  • This user-friendly interface encourages users to make informed choices and clearly displays their selected items and total order cost.