Python Course

Python is the most commonly used programming language to teach students in the world. Python is very simple and easy to understand. Our Python course will teach students applications of data, variables, arithmetic operators, functions, libraries etc to develop projects like age calculator, ATM application and many more.

Age: 8 Above

What is Python?

Python is a programming language that is particularly good for kids wanting to learn how to code. Python is widely used to teach students coding due to it`s easy to read and understand. Children can learn to write simple code to make their computer run a program.

Download Python

Download python 3

Python is an excellent language to learn programming for beginners. It is simple and easy to use.


Students are taught the real applications of computer coding. From mobile apps and web design, using platforms applicable in tech.


Classes are flexible. Students can schedule convenient time to take live classes. Class activities and project work are also uploaded for students to complete at a convenient time

project based activities

Class activities are fully hands on. Projects are given to students in different categories: Research work, Project work, Quiz and assessments.

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