Type: ULINK2 Emulator
RAM Breakpoints: Unlimited
ROM BreakpointsARM7/9): 2 max
ROM Breakpoints(Cortex-M3): 6 max
Execution Breakpoints (Set While Executing): yes
Access Breakpoints(ARM7/9): 2 max (R/W Only, With Value)
Access Breakpoints(Cortex-M3): 4 max (With Value)
Real-Time Agent : yes
JTAG clock: <= 10MHz
JTAG RTCK support (Return Clock): yes
Memory R/W(Bytes/sec): about 28K
Flash R/W(Bytes/sec): about 25K
Single-Step(Fast)(Instructions/sec): about 50
Size: 11 x 5.5cm / 4.33 x 2.16in

The main functions of the  simulator:
Storage area/register view
Fast single step program running
Multiple program breakpoints
On-chip Flash programming

Package included:
1 x Emulator
1 x cable