This is SIM868 Development Board

1: support the GPS, BD, GLO, LBS base station positioning, omni-directional positioning
2: the RTC battery back-up, support hot start warm start, positioning speed is greatly enhanced
3: GPS positioning data to support independent acquisition and serial port configuration, more options, more convenient.
4: positioning data also support the GSM serial port, through the AT commands and configuration, more quick and easy.
5: computer debugging video a strong hit, make dear friends faster master 868 function
6: new various microcontroller program, greatly helped by single chip microcomputer rapid development
Support 5V-18V wide voltage power supply, can reserve the power to make, convenient to control the power and reduce the power consumption of the development board.Master serial port has the do level match, support  3.3V 5V microcontroller or other control systems.
GSM  GPRS GPS+bluetooth function.