This is the perfect kit for the sumobot and line following challenge

Efficient, reliable and affordable

Intelligent car chassis

Ideal for DIY

Mechanical structure is simple, it is easy to install.

Can be used with other devices to realize function of tracing, obstacle avoidance, distance testing, speed testing, wireless remote control.

Package Content:
1 x Robot Car Chassis

1 x Arduino Uno

2 x Line following sensor

1 x soldered motor shield

1 x ultrasonic sensor

1 x breadboard

3 x Jumper wire(M-M, M-F, F-F)

2 x Gear Motors

2 x motor wheels

1 x Battery case (batteries not included)

1 x Switch

1 x Ball caster

2 x Rechargeable Batteries

1 x Battery Charger

LED light bulb

Wireless Pad

All Necessary Screws And Nuts